Holy Ambition - Week 2 - Feb 3


Holy Ambition - Discussion Guide

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Share with your group something that God has been teaching you recently.



How did this sermon deepen your faith? What was your key takeaway?

Read Nehemiah 2.

Dan quoted Jon Tyson saying, “Passivity in the face of God-given opportunity is ungodly.” Do you agree or disagree? Why? What is your natural disposition when you see opportunities? To jump in right away? To wait forever? Or somewhere in between?

Nehemiah explained the favor on his life by saying, “The gracious hand of my God was on me.” How can you tell when God’s gracious hand is on a person? Do you feel like you have experienced this before? Do you feel like you are experiencing this now? Explain.

Nehemiah had precise clarity on what he wanted to see accomplished. What specific things do you want to see God accomplish in you and through you?

How do you discern if your desires are in line with the will of God or is something that you want to see accomplished?

Nehemiah had a legitimate strategy to see his vision become reality. What strategy do you have in place, or do you need to put in place, to see the specific things you want God to accomplish in and through your life to become a reality?

Nehemiah knew he needed community. He knew he couldn’t accomplish his vision alone. Who are the people in your life you have joined together with to accomplish something significant and lasting?

Where in your life do you need a renewed sense that, “Here is horrible?”


Share how your group can partner together with you to help you maintain your focus on what God has placed in your heart, how they can hold you accountable to your strategy, and how they can help you in accomplishing what God has placed on your heart.



This week, ask God to give you clarity on the things he wants to accomplish through your life.



God wants His people to view the world through eyes of faith and to have a holy ambition to see that vision become reality. This 9-week sermon series on the book of Nehemiah will help us to discover the eternally-significant things God wants to accomplish through our lives, and help us become the sort of people who have the courage and conviction to make a difference for the glory of God.

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  2. Find out where you can Serve! There are needs all around us. The Creek partners with several organizations that you and your group can partner with. You can find more information about them by visiting thecreek.org.